What's new?

A demo version of an external history buffer (xhb) for SMG based recalls within tools/applications is available on request: the (internal) recall buffer is automatically saved in a file and automatically pre-loaded the next time the same tool/application runs (send email to xhb at vms2linux.de).


You want to read VMS ODS5 and ODS2 disks from your Linux box? Here's a kernel module implementing the ODS5 file system: just mount the disk and access the files.

You want to read files from a VMS ODS2 disk on your Linux box? Here are some tools.

You copied a VMS file in binary mode to Windows and need to read it based on the (RMS) record attributes? Here's a tool.

You want to get some information out of your VMS objects and images? Here are the VMS Objects and Image Tools, VOIT, for Alpha and Integrity.

You want a simple way to get ALL image/object information from ANALYZE with the /SELECT qualifier? Here are patches for analyze/select.

Tired of setting the file protections if you want to delete a directory file? Here are patches for create/directory.

You want to decompile VMS message files? Here is C source code for the UNMSG tool, which can do that for nonexecutable message files from all VMS platforms.

You want to change file attributes with $ SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE but don't know what the current settings of the file and what the keywords are? Here is a tool to display the current settings using these keywords.

You want to look just at the summary information of a VMS backup saveset? Here is a tool to display just that.

You have a CMS library on VMS and consider to use Git on a non-VMS platform? Here are some notes on loading a Git repository with the contents of a CMS library. A proof of concept can be demonstrated (send email to cms2git at vms2linux.de)

You maintain or develop VMS C sources and want to use modern IDEs like Eclipse? Here are some notes on using Eclipse out of the box just for coding and syntax checking.